Oculus Rift Game
AsiaInfo MCW

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Key Challenge:

The primary specification was to create a game which reflected Business Users’ frustrations with their current CRM system – slow, not enough capacity to cope with Big Data demands and unable to integrate new social channels. Secondly, to present our clients' new CRM which integrates multiple customer relations channels and handles Big Data with ease, offering potential cost savings up to £4.6bn.

We reached into our little bag of tricks, and pulled out our Oculus Rift DK2 Kit. This was one way we knew we could bring the WOW Factor to any stand.

For this new game we wanted to fully immerse the player in the animation, so we decided to combine it with the finger tracking device- LEAP Motion. Not only this we custom made audio to bring more realism to the virtual environment.

We devised two levels to demonstrate the differences between the generic established CRM and the new, shiny VerisCRM by AsiaInfo.

Level one sees the player placed into a rusty, factory environment with machinery and mini robots whizzing around. The sounds are like being trapped in an 80’s pinball machine. The player is challenged to select binary coded social media channels to plug into an old robot, aptly named ‘Clanky’. The player is time limited and this level is frustrating due to the slow loading of Clanky, who eventually overloads and breaks- signalling the end of level one.

Level two is like going inside the game Tron, it’s futuristic, clean, beautifully lit and you meet Verisbot. Verisbot is great, he’s friendly, helpful and accepts as many social channel gems as you

can throw at him. The challenge is to simply match the gem colour and social channel to what Verisbot is requesting.

In both rounds the player scores points, and what do points mean? Prizes of course. AsiaInfo awarded an Oculus Rift DK2 Kit to the winning player after four days’ solid competing at MWC2015.