CD packaging

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Key Challenge:

What is there to like about plastic disc cases? They crack and splinter. They take extra space to store and have a terrible impact on the environment. Sleeve notes become detached from the case - sometimes never to be reunited. There must be a better way.

Twenty-five years ago, Jeremy, one of our directors took exceptional dislike to these plastic cases and - despite their ability to serve as a placemat for hot beverages - he decided to design an alternative.

Using print solutions, Flip, was born. A booklet that snugly holds CDs, DVDs etc in position when closed and releases the disc when fully open.

It is constructed from a single template that be folded by standard folding/packaging machines and is an elegant, simple, environmentally low-impact, low technology solution that doesn‘t require separate sleeve notes.

You can still rest a mug of tea on one and Jeremy is still innovating ways to make life better today.