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King British

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Key Challenge:

This mobile application is intended to be the fish enthusiast's aid for taking care of pond and aquarium fish.

It offers help with diagnosing problems with your fish as well as a calculator to help with the most common issues facing a fish owner.

A catalogue gives you the most up to date products from our store along with reviews from other users. The shop section will also allow your device to pick up your location so it can tell you where your nearest stockists of Beaphar products are.

Finally there is an ask the experts section which contains an FAQ section of all the most commonly asked questions from fish enthusiasts. If you do not find your answer in the FAQ then you are welcome to ask one of our experts directly by filling out the form. You can attach a photo to your question so that it helps us to see exactly what you would like to know.

This mobile application accompanies the King British wealth of knowledge that you can find on their website.