The Art of Technology

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Key Challenge:

Metis is a Cambridge-based performing arts company that creates interdisciplinary performance projects created through rigorous research. In partnership with Metis, we are exploring new ways of supporting collaborative research and data analysis for performance and presentation.

We first got involved with Metis through it`s inspirational Third Ring Out project: recreating the highly-charged atmosphere of a control centre, Metis invited members of the public to make decisions for the environmental well-being of their local area.

Faced with a climate-changed future and a fast paced flow of plausible multi-media information, audiences of all ages and backgrounds were asked to put their values and priorities to the test.

We worked with Metis to capture the data created during

their performances in Cambridge, Greenwich, Ipswich, Watford and Edinburgh.

We collated their data in a range of formats in order to illustrate the power and potential of the Third Ring Out project. Arts fund further performances should contact Dr Zoe Svendsen at Metis direct.

We are currently working with Metis on the research and development of its World Factory project which explores the stories come from and the true nature of global industrial development.

We have developed The Digital Quilt to draw together research and resources from a range of contributors around the globe. The Digital Quilt will be further refined to support browsing and story telling on smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop PCs.

Arts angels and investors with an interest in fashion, consumer goods and global trade are urged to contact Metis directly to support the development of the planned, high profile, performance work.