Innovative app and
business systems design

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Key Challenge:

Morrisons asked us to help them develop a cattle weighing desktop app to help their beef farmers to streamline and automate their personalised care of cattle. Having seen our work on complex logistics business systems, they knew we had the expertise and capability to deliver this unusual app that would coordinate and interpret data from a variety of sources.

Our client needed a system that would automatically identify individual cows by their ear tag, weigh the cow and tailor food and medicine to their individual requirements.

This would be particularly important in farms in remote locations, like the Australian Outback, where farmers cannot always be in situ with the entire herd.

We identified a process centred around the cow’s feeding routine: being in a single

location would improve the accuracy of weight data and make it easier for the system to recognise the ear tag (and hence identify the cow).

We designed a desktop programme to bring together data from an ear tag RFID reader and the weighing scales. This would identify how frequently the cow came to the food hopper and monitor their weight on each visit.

Our system presents Morrisons with an accessible interface to

add and remove cows and to create a full report on each individual cow - identifying any missed feedings or weight loss.

The system has trialled successfully at Morrison’s test farm in Scotland and will be rolled out to other farms in Australia.