Internal communications
Mosaic, integrated screensaver, intranet/CMS


Key Challenge:

Our client, a major, international engineering business wanted to provide its diverse and complex subsidiary businesses with an intranet that would enable people to understand the organisation's structure and reach, improve communication and build trust throughout the business.

We had already developed a good understanding of the client‘s business and had proven our ability to meet challenging deadlines. Our reliability coupled with our ability to develop innovative, technical solutions was a critical factor in our selection for the project.

The centrepiece of our solution was Mosaic - a highly visual, automated database of thousands of employees, which found a place for every individual within a single image - in this instance, the company logo. Individuals can be selected, grouped and searched for within Mosaic.

The system incorporates personalised biographies and a messaging system that made

everyone contactable, while maintaining the privacy of direct contact details.

A CMS-driven intranet system provides a mechanism for the business to manage and deliver its shared resources as well as identify and profile the business‘s star performers.

Our team provided content support for branding guidelines and included a business card generation tool for the entire organisation - wherever they are in the world.

We also created a corporate screensaver that generates latest corporate, market and international news. This enables business critical messages to be shared with everyone in the

organisation at a single moment, either directly via email or 'passively' via their screensaver.

The entire project was delivered at a fraction of the cost of licensed intranet solutions and has been well received by users, typically drawing praise for its visual impact, functionality and clarity of navigation.

We delivered the project within tight timescales, enabling our client to build employee confidence in other restructuring projects.