Modular and exhibitions

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Key Challenge:

Modular and pop up exhibition equipment are flexible and easy to use, but just because the equipment has been affordable, doesn`t mean you shouldn`t set challenging targets for the return on your investment. The challenge is to design a stand that will be as effective as possible at driving traffic to your stand and communicating powerful messages about your business.

We have extensive exhibition experience and regularly assist clients in helping them to get more out of their stand - delivering solutions that work with and without mobile lighting, podiums, furniture, marketing materials, games, gifts and so on.

We produce detailed 3D visualisations of our clients stand so that they can have the clearest possible understanding of the impact of their modular stand.

New exhibition opportunities can arise at very short notice,

we have a track record in delivering new panels for modular displays within challenging deadlines - ensuring that our clients never miss a chance to meet their customers face to face.