Kinect for business

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Key Challenge:

Trelleborg Vibracoustic creates vibration control systems for the automotive industry. They had already asked us for professional, effective bespoke exhibition stands that would attract attention and visitors in Europe, China and the United States. They then set us another challenge - could we create a game that would attract even more visitors to their stand?

Our solution was to create two instinctively interactive games, requiring no language or complicated training, but would ensure that players would be clapping, jumping and waving their hands - appearing to invite visitors from across the exhibition hall to the Trelleborg stand.

Using the Kinect device, we designed an interactive, gesture-driven game to

demonstrate the key features of our clients sophisticated vibration control systems.

In one game, players were required to imitate the peaks and troughs of vibraton control as ‘their car‘ travelled through a Trelleborg landscape. In another, players had to clap at the precise moment Trelleborg‘s vibration control system would match corresponding vibrations from a car‘s engine.

The games generated a fantastic level of energy on our clients‘ stand and had visitors asking to add their personal details to the database of player achievements.